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Hi there, I’m currently using your Corp and I appreciate your work in maintaining it. I have a suggestion for adding Waybar, with Hyprland workspaces module support as is described in the Hyprland wiki section for Status Bars. Thank you!

Thank you for this COPR!
Been wanting to give Hyprland a try.

Thanks for the up to date Hyprland Copr Repo. I was using an outdated Copr that was 2 months since last build. I’ve switched to your repo since you seem a lot more active and the issue I was having has now disappeared.

Thanks heaps! Good job.

Thanks for this Amazing COPR.

Just a suggestion, can we have hyprland-git and hyprland just like it is in AUR, so hyprland-git will be build on latest commits(the current implementation) and hyprland will follow releases.

Thanks Again.

THANK YOU SO MUCH :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :two_hearts:

Thank you for your hard work !!

Thanks for your efforts with this COPR!
Is there any chance to make an NVIDIA-enabled version of the Hyprland package with this patch from AUR?


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Thank you for the copr.
Can you make the eww-wayland and hyprshot package in this copr.
Its harder to find the updated version of the package.

Added eww-wayland-git. Give it a test!

Yeah It’s working Thanks.
Also look for the hyprshot package.


Love your works. Congratulation.

Just a little problem, only on multiscreen when I disconnect one of them, computer freeze and I need to poweroff it.
I don’t know if it’s a part of solution but I found this : Hyprdock -GitHub - DashieTM/hyprdock -(it can manage external display)
Maybe someone have another idea about this issue or I’m alone with this behaviour ?

Does anyone else get following error when running Hyprland “you have one or more incompatible xdg-desktop-portal impl installed please remove incompatible ones to avoid issues”. I thought it might be because of following package “xdg-desktop-portal” so i tried removing this package but unable to do so. If you have any idea regarding it could you please share how to resolve it. I am using fedora 38. Thank you.

You can disable this warning with suppress_portal_warnings
Variables | Hyprland Wiki

Hyprland requires only its own xdg desktop implementation to be installed because of possible issues: Hyprland Desktop Portal | Hyprland Wiki

If you want to daily-drive Hyprland “the hardcore way”, you might want to get a minimal install from the Fedora Everything ISO, and then build your system from the ground up “the arch way”, referring to the Hyprland docs for recommendations.

rpm -e --nodeps xdg-desktop-portal-gnome should probably fix your issue

Installing on Fedora Sericea (sway spin of Silverblue)

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Thank you so much for the copr :slight_smile: