Smb shares on french livebox, unreadable files

Hello quite new and dummy.I’m using Fedora and Ubuntu derivatives on 8 machines at home.All of them in a local network.My router is an Orange Livebox quite usual in France with a usb key so a small Nas.Until 10 days ago no problem except need to use Smb1 to access shares.But after an update(which one) i have difficulties.On Fedora only not Ubuntu.Files like jpeg,pdf appear for some among them as folders but only 50/60% without clear reasons.I began thinking that the number of pages could be an answer but not at all.With Mycloud hdd on the same local network no problem,Usb key directly on pc nothing neither.Changing the usb key on router?Not a solution.It’s a matter of filesystem for me but it worked correctly and again Ubuntu/Mint have no difficulties.What’s wrong?

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