Silverblue's future

Back about last new years time, I was asking on one of the Fedora related sites if the vision was that someday Silverblue would replace Workstation. The replies indicated that was the goal or at least the dearly held hope.

I am wondering if there is a long term plan for such a succession. If so, how would is likely be handled? Silverblue is very different than Workstation so I can’t imagine the parts of Silverblue would be integrated into Workstation over the time of several releases of Workstation. So I guess that leaves that one day Silverblue would be renamed Workstation for for a major release like F40.

If there is some long term plan. Is there a time frame that can be talked about? If Fedora can get a/some tool(s) in place to measure number of deployments, I guess it could be timed to when a lot of folks have just started using Silverblue instead of Workstation.

Is there any view of when Silverblue will be complete enough and stable enough to be deployed for ordinary users? My users and I have been very happy with Workstation in terms of it completeness and stability.

Sorry, I’m not completely in the topic, but have already solved the issue ?

Well to be fair the Live-Installer for silver blue is an ordinary workstation Live-Installer with modified anaconda.

I was hoping to see some kind of live CD booting from ostree deployment

I, too,
because it was good to work with a flash drive in read-only mode. Or load the base image over the network(PXE) from the server while you work, and. etc.

Therefore, I think until they do it for silverblues there can be no talk about the future!


  1. Base image read-onlty from (PXE, flash drive, CD-ROM and etc)
  2. /var in (local hdd, NFS and etc )