Silverblue stuck at boot


after today’s update from 30.20190612.0 to 30.20190612.1 my Laptop does not start anymore but hangs at Plymouth boot screen with “A start job is running for /dev/mapper/fedora_ime428-root”. Hitting ctl+alt+del reveals that ostree-prepare-root couldn’t find specific OSTree root ‘sysroot/ostree/boot.1/fedoraworkstation/…’. I tried to boot into the previous commit to revert the update but the same error now occurs there too. Is there anything I can do except reinstalling my system?


As a sanity check, if you drop in the emergency shell and inspect /sysroot, do you see that directory? To access the emergency shell, try adding on the kernel cmdline.

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Thanks for your help! Unfortunately, I could not access the emergency shell and because I am currently under a lot of time pressure decided to reinstall my system. Nevertheless, thanks again!

I also want to comment that I could not reproduce this issue on any other machine.