Silverblue can't boot after update

Hello everyone. I’ve installed new deployment with F38, and now nor 38, nor my previous deployment can boot. PXL-20230718-224506904 hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB

I think, it happened because I used snaps in my Silverblue system

How can I restore system? I’m new Silverblue user. Standard linux - I understood booting process. For silverblue - not sure :frowning:

Also, interesting fact: once, my F38 booted - just after an update. But when I rebooted(I even not logined, rebooted from a GDM, wanted to be sure that Grub see my previous deployment), it no longer able to boot any of my deployments…

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Can you make sure that you have rw in the kernel command line while booting in GRUB?

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