Secure dns setup Fedora 37


How did you implement dns over tls on your distro?

I’ve tried to setup by asking on reddit and
following this guide.

Thanks for any reply

Try this:
As far as I am concerned, Firefox supports DNS over HTTPS.

if you own a Fritzbox as your internet router you could feed the router with secure dns strings from here:

Menu: Internet => Zugangsdaten => DNS-Server => scroll down to “Auflösungsnamen der DNS-Server”

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Thanks to all. I’m gonna try to implement each one and see what works best for me.

read this we already have this thread solved

easiest way to do it by
using systemd-resolved

Use the following in /etc/systemd/resolved.conf
edit this conf with nano you need sudo and add your dns or unhash one that you want to use and unhash and change no to yes like below