Secondary network interface does not come up on boot

I have a little issue with my secondary network interface on F34.
Ther are 2 interfaces

    inet brd scope global noprefixroute enp2s0
    inet brd scope global noprefixroute enp0s31f6

where enp0s31f6 is my primary interface

Now my problem is that enp2s0 is not active after a reboot but connection.autoconnect: yes is set
sudo nmcli interface connect enp2s0 works, the intarface comes up with the configured static IP but does not autoconfigure IPv6. ipv6.method is set to auto.

Here are the interfacesettings

sudo nmcli connection show enp2s0                          enp2s0
connection.autoconnect:                 yes
ipv4.method:                            manual
ipv4.dns:                               --
ipv4.gateway:                           --

ipv6.method:                            auto

Any Ideas?

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Can you post the output of “ip route” and “ip address” so we can see the details as it is configured.

Also, note that enp2s0 is configured for “manual” activation with ipv4 and is assigned an ipv4 address. It won’t start automatically in that config.

PAGER= nmcli connection show id enp2s0
PAGER= nmcli connection show id enp0s31f6
grep -v -e "^#" -e "^$" /etc/NetworkManager/{conf.d/,}*.conf
journalctl --no-pager -b -u NetworkManager.service

You can paste the output to and post the link here.

I just gave up trying. Now I’ve configured NIC teaming with roundrobin which is working great.
As I don’t need the secondary IP this has some quite nice sideeffects as about 2Gb/s max bandwidth.

secondary ip was just configured for some loadbalancing which did not work either without some custom routes as traffic was always leaving through the default interface not the incoming one.

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