Scrolling in JetBrains Products not per pixel, but per 3 lines

JetBrains IDEs, both installed via Flatpak and .tar.gz, do not scroll smoothly. When using the MacBook trackpad, they scroll three lines at a time, like when using a stepped mouse wheel. This is in contrast to JetBrains documentation, which says pixel scrolling is supported. Tools like the Smooth Scroller plugin can’t do anything about it, since it too only receives discrete scroll events every couple millimetres. This doesn’t seem to be a problem on Linux in general, I couldn’t find any recent posts about it on the web.

Has anyone found a solution to this? I’d love to know! And if this is a general problem on linux, please let me know so I can take my question elsewhere. Thanks!

Tested on M1 MacBook Air, Intellij 2024.1.1 Flatpak and CLion 2024.1.1 native, with built-in trackpad

Java stuff in general is stuck on X11/XWayland for now, and you need Wayland for pixel scrolling support.

Some day in the future Java will catch up with the times, but that day is not today.

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