Screenreader pitch freaks out since upgrade to F36


Having upgraded from F35 to F36, I since found the speech of my screenreader (Orca) changing pitch mid-sentence. It happens quite randomly.

Some syllables are spoken at the configured pitch (5.0in my case), the next one(s) are pitched higher (about 10.0), then the pitch returns to normal, but sometimes it stays high for more than one sentence. I can’t see a pattern as to what happens when the change occurs.

Does anyone have an idea how to fix this? It is very tiresome to listen to the screen reader, now.



Thanks to Jason on the Orca mailing list, we now have a clue as to what seems to be going wrong. He wrote:

This issue started for me after I upgraded speech-dispatcher. I looked at what had changed since the upgrade, and I noticed that the eSpeak module configuration file was no longer being included in the package, only the one for eSpeak-NG. Switching Orca from using eSpeak to using eSpeak-NG resolved it for me.

Indeed, when I switch the Orca profile to use eSpeak-NG as speech synthesizer, the pitch stays normal.

Where/how should this bug and workaround be filed?


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