Screen Capture - can I use Hotkey to trigger capture?

I have a 3 monitor setup like this:


From screen 1, I have some white horizontal likes showing up when I am moving my mouse pointer in it (nothing similar for screen 2 & 3)

When trying to capture those white lines, I failed:

  • Selection capture do not work, as I need to move my mouse over to the Capture control to capture, so cannot trigger the white lines to show up
  • Tried to Capture a Video - but I only capture Screen 3, nothing from Screen 1 nor 2

Can screen caputre be trigger by Hot keys?

It is not quite clear what desktop environment you are using, but shortcut keys in the default Gnome Desktop are PrtScr for interactive screenshot, Shit+PrtScr for the entire screen, Alt+PrtScr for the current window. Also in other DE’s, the PrtScr key is by default assigned to take screenshots.

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Thank you very much!

I am using Gnome.

PrtScr brings up the Interactive controls - just that I only know to use mouse to trigger the actual capture.

Shift+PrtScr works for the entire screen (3 screens for my setup)
Alt-PrtScr works for the active Window capture.

Once you have opened the capture with PrtScr and selected what you want to capture then the Enter key will actually take the screenshot.

No - Enter key did nothing in my setup.