Running `btrfs send | btrfs receive` causes "The child process was aborted by signal 9." in the terminal


For some time now, when I want to send a btrfs snapshot of my entire system (/) to my external drive by entering:

sudo btrfs send /.snapshots/{snapshot-name} | sudo btrfs receive /run/media/rk/256/snapshots

Gnome Terminal shows The child process was aborted by signal 9. I’m wondering what it might mean in this context. Is there a way to get some more verbose logs?

The btrfs send | btrfs receive process seems to continue but it cannot complete.
The same thing happens with incremental backups (when I use the -p parameter).

Note: I started to use a swapfile that resides in a btrfs subvolume. Do you think that the swapfile may be causing the issue?

$ btrfs subvolume list /
$ ID 400 gen 6584 top level 257 path var/swap

I’d greatly appreciate your help! :slight_smile:

It should be fine as long as:

  • The swapfile is in a subvolume with no snapshots
  • You aren’t taking a snapshot of the subvolume with the swapfile in it
  • You manually disabled CoW on the swapfile
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Thank you for your response! I think that my swapfile conforms with these requirements.

I’d appreciate more hints on what might be going on with the communicate in my Gnome Terminal.

Thanks again.

EDIT: I removed the previous snapshots and the send | receive command completed successfully.

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