Running Bitcoin Core in a pruned node

Hi there,

so I am trying to run a Bitcoin Core on Fedora in a pruned node. Everything was going as expected but I can’t find or access the bitcoin.conf file so I could edit it.

You can search for it:

sudo find / -type f -name bitcoin.conf
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if flatpak version check in.

ls ~/.var/app/org.bitcoincore.bitcoin-qt

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find: ‘/run/user/1000/doc’: Permission denied
find: ‘/run/user/1000/gvfs’: Permission denied

$ ls ~/.var/app/org.bitcoincore.bitcoin-qt
cache  config  data

It’s a flatpak version. I still need to edit it.

Thinking and own research is allowed, if not encouraged.

Do you know what the find command does? Did you read the output of the find command you executed?

The answer to your question is right there. You even edited the line when you pasted it (in order not to reveal your local username, see below), but you missed to read what’s actually shown there.

below is here: next you try hiding your local username, just replace /home/name with ~. You can also use ~in terminal.

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There is the location. You should be able to open a text editor and browse to that location.

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I was able to browse and edit the file using the commands sudo nano file name ./ bitcoin/bitcoin.conf
thank you both.
I still don’t understand why whas the configuration file opened in firefox just fine but wasn’t editable and then stopped responding the second time.
Update- it seems the changes didn’t take effect .

Hi there,
I am continuing the topic here. I tried editing the file with the commands : sudo nano file name ./ bitcoin/bitcoin.conf but I din’t work. Any suggestions ?

Note, I have setup Bicoin Core before on different Mac OS and Linux distributions without a problem.

Since the new topic you created is exactly the same issue as this topic, I have combined them together.

If you would like the topic to have a different title, you can edit the title.

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nano ~/.var/app/org.bitcoincore.bitcoin-qt/data/bitcoin.conf

I advice you learn some basic command line skills. One way of doing that would be to read the man page of every command before you execute the commands we are throwing at you.


Great, it works now, I do apologize . I have a cheat sheet but I didn’t ahve it with me and needed to do a few things. I am lering on the go and I hope I won’t be wasting anybodies time anymore with these silly questions. My plan is to create a cheat sheet so I can look up commands.