Rsync: sparse files, COW target and want more progress indicator

Continuing the discussion from How to judge if a backup process is perfect?:

From the above discussion, I learnt that rsync is the tool for me to do file level backup.

As advised, my follow up questions can be asked in a separate thread, so I am linking and quoting here:


The first run is the “tar” process as outline in the origination thread.

The second run is
# sudo rsync --inplace --info=progress2 --no-whole-file -a /mnt/ntfs/ /mnt/btrfs/
(I do not save the final progress bar outout, the I remember xfr#8 , and total file is 1.4M)

# sudo rsync --checksum --inplace --info=progress2 --no-whole-file -a  /mnt/ntfs/  /mnt/btrfs/
                  0   0%    0.00kB/s    0:00:00 (xfr#0, to-chk=0/1447024)  

Provided the first two runs and done, is it normal to have the 4 leading zeros in the final progress bar?


  • during this third run, I expect the dedicated /mnt/btrfs drive will be read constantly. But it is not. Majority of time there is no activity to the btrfs drive. (its enclosure has activities LEDs.)