Rhythmbox not working

When I pop in a music CD in Zoirn or Solus, I get a option to choose which program to use to open it. I just choose Rhytnmbox and there I go.

In Fedora 31 Workstation, nothing happens. Why is this?

I thought it was a everything works out-of-the-box distro.

  What format these files on CD is?  Maybe it’s a patent-bug (report against … :P).

I had to install a codec from the RPM Fusion for Fedora 31 - Free, to play video’s on CNN and Facebook.

I just inserted a music CD and open the files box from the dock at the left hand panel. From there I selected the audio CD and noticed Rhythmbox at the top right somewhere. I opened the CD with by clicking Rhythmbox and it now works as it should. Only much slower than on Zorin 15.2 or Solus 41, under Gnome and Budgie.

I presume the codec did the trick? The only problem is that Fedora goes into a hibernate state, even though it’s not supposed to do that because it’s not selected in the settings.

All that’s selected is blank screen after 15 minutes. When the PC is left alone for hours and I come back the mouse can’t wake it up, not the keyboard and not even the reset and power button.

I just went to sleep last night and when I woke up the PC was still in the same state as before. I then pushed the power button and it finally switched off. When I started it up again, everything was back to normal. Very strange, but a very interesting distro.

So, one problem solved and another popped up.

  Please see this post and its thread (Ask Fedora).

Link to the post in BugZilla:

Justin M. Forbes 2020-03-03 16:22:00 UTC
*********** MASS BUG UPDATE **************

   We apologize for the inconvenience.  There are a large number of bugs to go through and several of them have gone stale.  Due to this, we are doing a mass bug update across all of the Fedora 31 kernel bugs.

   Fedora 31 has now been rebased to 5.5.7-200.fc31.  Please test this kernel update (or newer) and let us know if you issue has been resolved or if it is still present with the newer kernel.

   If you have moved on to Fedora 32, and are still experiencing this issue, please change the version to Fedora 32.

   If you experience different issues, please open a new bug report for those.

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