[Review & Publish] The Community Platform Engineering F2F 2023 Experience - Part I

The draft can be found here

See @glb? I don’t hate the Fedora Magazine editor :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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@glb and @rlengland,

Have you folks any updates regarding the progress for this blogpost?


Sorry, I haven’t gotten to it yet. I figured we didn’t want to bump the new release announcements too soon anyway. Does publishing this on Monday the 24th sound OK?

Edit: Although I just checked and it looks like Richard has already scheduled a few things for the 21st and the 24th. Sorry, I should have coordinated this with him a little better.

@glb We can probably shift the article for the 24th out one more day if you like. #191 (to the 26th)

Sounds good to me. Obviously #189 was created before #191, so hopefully people will see that bump as fair.

I’ve rescheduled, the 24th is clear for you.


Cool, thanks for coordinating the publishing of the article.

I will get to working on the second part of it.