[Review & Publish] CPE Summary 2023

  1. Article Summary:
    Quarterly report of what the CPE Team did

Article Description:
This article provides an infographic as well as details about the work CPE Team did in 2023. Should be published together or after I&R Quarterly Update

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Discussed in 2024-01-23 Community Blog editor roundtable.

Following up on the I&R summary reply, what if we called this one the Fedora Infrastructure & Release Engineering summary? This could be easier for people to connect with if we did it as one post.

This will be probably strange as the CentOS blog post is separated and it’s part of the Infra & Releng Team.

I also wanted to made the blog posts smaller, as the amount of text in the 2022 summary was really overwhelming.

Discussed in the 2024-02-27 editor roundtable.

This post is now published. Apologies for the delay. Thanks for submitting it! I did change the title to “Year in Review” to match a series of other posts I hope will follow with team reflections from 2023.