[Review and Publish] Community Outreach Revamp Update

Hey @bcotton

I have drafted the post. Please help with some review and schedule it :slight_smile:


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I made some edits to turn the readability from red to green. A few highlights:

  • Shortened or split sentences
  • Added headings to break up the text
  • Got right of "here"s and put links on the relevant words

Do you have a link to the HackMD doc you’re working on? If so, please add it to the article or give it to me and I’ll add it.

The post is scheduled for Tuesday 20 April.

Off-topic, but moving from a kanban board to a text document to track work makes me sad. Can you share more about why you made that decision? (Not in the article, just for my curiosity)

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We created the Kanban board hoping that we will have several people joining us, but soon we realized that it was simpler to achieve tasks if we invite contributors directly every time we have a “small project” within the Revamp (ex: the community outreach survey). This doesn’t mean that we are excluding anyone, quite the opposite. We are happy to have more people on board and everyone has an open invitation to join the Community Revamp :wink: