Restart=unless-stopped do not work

Hello! I have 3 systemd services for podman containers enabled, which starts after boot. I want them starting manually and Restart=unless-stopped seems do nothing, they auto-start even if I stop services before reboot. Is Restart=never would be better option than?

The container seems to be enabled by a systemd service. It starts when you boot no matter what the previous status was. You can change that behavior by disabling the service, not by setting Restart to Never (it would still start at boot time)

Thanks, I thought disabled services could not be started. I disabled 2 of 3, one starts normally being disabled, the other one fails to start with timeout. I can not test third one, some important work goes and messing with it now would be bad, but thanks I will dig it out.

systemctl enable adds the service to the default target.
systemctl disable removes the service frim the default target.

It does not prevent it from being started by manual command or because another target or service Wants/Requires it.

Maybe you want to see if systemctl mask does what you want.

Yes, thanks. Everything works now. I migrated all my docker containers to podman now and systemd manages start/stop them with guillotine GNOME extension. One of the service I use was working with MariaDB, I could not make MariaDB working, so it works with build-in SQlite now, yet to see if SQlite does it, so I won’t need one more service running. And if it won’t be good enough I will dig it out than to make MariaDB working.