Resizing Asahi Linux partition post-installation?

I though I would try Fedora Remix, but ended up completely switching to it from a previous Arch-based install. I didn’t allocate enough disk space to the new one, though. Is there any way to resize it or do I have to reinstall?


This depends on how and where you installed things. It sounds like you installed Asahi Arch Linux ARM first and then installed Fedora-Asahi-Remix later by resizing the macOS partition again. In that case there’s free space after Fedora after removing the Arch Linux ARM partitions. In that case resizing Fedora is possible without much effort. The same is true if you deleted the Arch Linux ARM partitions first and installed fedora in the free space but didn’t allocate the whole space to the Fedora install.
All other cases I can think of require more effort and backup and reinstall is probably the easiest solution.