Request: Zotero

Hello fellow user of Fedora,

Is it possible to add the FOSS reference programme Zotero in official the Fedora repo? Or otherwise build the recent version for others like me in COPR?

Although @pgaskin has an old version of Zotero already, (s)he didn’t reply to my request for an update two months ago. I thought that isn’t an issue, because it sound simple to just build it myself. However, it seems not so for me, and others might profit from the ‘official’ Fedora build as well. Beside, if something goes wrong with my build, I still have to ask for help (again), as I don’t have any clue how to fix it. I can be very technical, but coding is something that I can’t do.

There is indeed a Flathub edition of Zotero available, which is set up with a ‘disk of 16gb’, so that some extensions and apps do not work properly with Zotero-flathub.

Therefore I’m asking if it is possible to add Zotero either to the official repo of Fedora, or build it in COPR .

As someone with a degree in Alpha studies, I could say “Give me persons, and I’ll understand them, but give me code, I’m lost.”

Anyhow, is it possible to build Zotero into a rpm file for the not so techy persons like me? Otherwise I’ll contact the makers of the Flathub edition.

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If you can find someone interested in building it yes, otherwise it would be best to contact the flathub folks.


I don’t understand what this means? I have not had trouble with the Zotero in FlatHub, but I don’t have many extensions. What exactly doesn’t work?

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Have you considered using the tarball from the website? I just downloaded and installed it and it seems to work fine. I haven’t used Zotero myself in years, so I can’t really exercise it that much, but it seems good.

That is not a problem, I had to find out myself too. For my case, I use ZotFile to sort +250gb of date in a more human readable way. With the result to find and select a file, doc, etc by hand without Zotero. This is very handy, when I would like to upload a file, when drag-drop from Zotero does not work. When using the Flathub version of Zotero with ZotFile, I wasn’t able to directly go to ~/home. Maybe this is fixed by now, I do not know it yet.

Hum, I’vent used tarballs, thus I have to give that a try too. Something for the summer vacation.

As you can see below @qulogic , within Zotero (Flatpak) the disk of your computer ‘is 16,8GB’, instead of the 1TB in my case. When I need something from my computer (like a file, extension, etc), I have to move around this ‘bug/feature’. Otherwise Zotero (Flatpak) works just fine, including access ~/Documents, etc. A work around for adding a file from a new USB, it to drag-drop, or mount the USB in ~/Documents.

EDIT: It is an already known issue:: Restore full access to home directory · Issue #82 · flathub/org.zotero.Zotero · GitHub

Yeah. This is due to the Flatpak sandboxing feature.
Usually, flatpaks doesn’t have access to the whole filesystem.

You could install Flatseal and, if you are comfortable with this, you can add access to All system files or (in Other files) to the USB stick:

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Thanks for verifying it for me. Thus Zotero on Flathub with Flatseal will be a good alternative for a build.

Thus I will try to know Copr better, to automaticaly build from Git using Copr by following this guide: Automate RPM Builds from Git Sources using COPR |

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For those who are looking for the right option in FlatSeal, it is Zotero > Filesystem > All System files = On

Yes, but be aware that giving All system file permission to an application, you lose the advantage of flatpak sandboxing feature. I think that it would be better to give access only to specific directories if you need to.