Replacement for "trickle" tool

Fedora 37 has done away with the trickle tool.
trickle was used to limit the bandwith of a network connection.
For example I used it to limit the backup tool duplicity so that the backup would not occupy my entire connection.

Is there a replacement tool available in Fedora 37?

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It was retired because it did not have a maintainer for more than 6 weeks:

The link for the upstream page does not work, so perhaps the tool is no longer maintained by the developers at all. I’m not entirely sure:

I did find the github repo, no commits there since 2019:

I’m not aware of a replacement/alternative, unfortunately.

I guess you could build it from source (or even take over the package in Fedora if you wish, and maintain it)?


I am not familiar with the topic but I read somewhere that Wondershaper is a fork of trickle. It’s in Fedora’s repository.

Looking at koji, one can see that the package is being built for Fedora but the version is out of date - so the question is how active the maintainer is here…

edit: current version 1.2.1 is the version that was already built with Fedora 21 in 2013. I’d say the package is unmaintained.


Thanks for your replies. I was aware that trickle is unmaintained and the website linked in the rpm does not work anymore. Hence looking for an alternative.

In the github repo of trickle I found info to a fork which has a few newer commits, as recent as November 2021: GitHub - echiu64/trickle: Trickle is a userland bandwidth shaper for Unix-like systems.

Wondershaper looks like an alternative, but the repo owner himself says that "As discussed, I don’t use wondershaper much myself anymore. So it’s just random pings and notifications that alert me to the project. " Last commit is also from October 2021. Not sure I would want to help maintain such a package.

I will ask at OpenWRT. They should know a thing or two about network shaping. I will report back here if they have some nice suggestions.

wondershare works on a per-interface basis, not on a per-application basis. So no trickle replacement.

I asked on the OpenWRT irc channel, but there are other methods available for restricting traffic on a specific port. I guess application level are not so much of an issue there, as command line tools such as sftp, wget, curl etc all support bandwith limiting out-of-the-box and services on dedicated ports can be restricted via firewall. However, the suggestion with the sftp options solves the issue for my case, as my duplicity configuration uses sftp and I can simply add a parameter there.