Reformatting root file system

I’ve read that reconfiguration of sysroot is possible via ignition. I’ve gotten as far as feeding coreos-installer an ignition file, resulting in a reformatted root, but since it’s empty, startup faiis. Either I’m missing a step, or ignition is missing a step, but in either case I’m confused.

Reproduce steps:

  1. boot fedora-coreos-31.20200113.3.1-live.x86_64.iso
  2. Create config.fcc and convert to ign using fcct. fcc contents:
variant: fcos
version: 1.0.0
    - path: /sysroot
      device: /dev/disk/by-label/root
      format: btrfs
      wipe_filesystem: true 
      label: pool
    - name: debug-shell.service
      enabled: true
  1. sudo coreos-installer install /dev/vda --ignition config.ign

So yeah that works, installs FCOS, but during the reboot, soon after the btrfs format, it blows up and… I’m pretty much feeling like this is an Underpants Gnome episode where I’m entirely missing step 2.

Root reconfiguration via Ignition doesn’t work yet. It’s tracked and is being worked on though:

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