Recommended automation tool for Silverblue?

I just read the silverblue backup with borg article( I typically take a different approach with my workstation. Anything of significance I store a copy elsewhere such as code on gitlab or documents in NextCloud. Because of this methodology, its more important for me to be able to automate the setup of my workstation from scratch. Using the traditional fedora workstation I would use Ansible to accomplish this.

Should I look to Ansible to do this for Silverblue as well?

What I would like to do:

  • Install rpm-fusion repo(ffmpeg for Netflix viewing)
  • Install layered packages
  • Install flatpaks

you can use ansible for silverblue as well.

That said, there is currently no rpm-ostree module in ansible. So you will have to use the shell or command module.

yes that is understood thank you for you answer. My issue is currently that in order to use rpmfusion i layer the rpm, then in order to use that repo it requires a reboot which would break the execution of ansible as I would be running it locally. Now it would need two seperate playbook runs to configure or now forces me to use a remote system to configure my laptop and wait across reboots. Was just hoping for a more elegant solution than that. but yes using command module or shell is a valid solution, I just always try to avoid those if i can.

I forgot to mention the reboot. :slight_smile:

I don’t think there is currently a way to avoid it unfortunately

Rebooting after layering can’t be avoided. This behavior is by design.

Understood. Thank you for the feedback!