Re-installation for new computer

I have a new computer and have installed Fedora on a spare disk for it. There will be quite a bit of work to get it set up like my current one, and to transfer the data from the disk in the current one.

I think that in the past I have just taken the current disk from my current computer and put it into the new computer. That would save a lot of work, but does sound like a bad idea.

However I don’t what the installation process does to tailor the OS to match the hardware, perhaps nothing - in which case the easy way would work.

Most of the time you only need to really care about the home folder, which you should be fine to copy over (or just copy the files you care about, it’s a good chance to clean up your $HOME).

In terms of disks very little outside of disabling TRIM for SSDs

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Maybe the following post of someone moving disks with Fedora from one machine to another is helpful to you… ?

A new install will give you options to use new file systems like btrfs that you may not be have used in the past.

Also, I recall from somewhere, that if the file system was created a long time ago it may not be using all the features that a fresh install will allow. But I’m very unsure if this is true.

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Good point. I agree that it is good to keep up with things, and after quite a battle with the installer I did persuade it to accept btrfs on the new disk. However I’d rather abandon that and stick with the current disk even though it is Ext4, as it will save a lot of work. I will switch to btrfs when I have to use a new disk, for example if I buy a bigger one.
[Edit] It’s now working…thanks!

That’s good news, I’ll try it. I’m not using an SSD so I don’t need to worry about TRIM (whatever that is:)).
[Edit] It’s now working…thanks!

Nothing to worry about if you don’t use an SSD then :slight_smile:

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