Qt creator no examples in either Qt5 or Qt6

After installing qtcreator on fedora 35, I cannot get the examples to show any. Also, any of the tutorials (not the videos) create an ampty qtcreator session.

How can I find out what is going on?
Should I not have installed the official repositories from Fedora? Should I have used the Qt downloaded files?

Anyone out there using qt creator and knows what is going on?

I’m not sure, but may be the Fedora maintainer for qt-creator split it into different packages. You could search it with dnf search qt | grep example. Maybe you could find what are you looking for.

It also happen with LibreOffice. Usually with other distros it will bundled instead with Fedora we can only let say install libreoffice-writer.

I already had a bunch of example packages installed (all qt6) but none of them show. Of qt5 I had the qtbase-examples installed:

 gbonnema  ~  repoquery --installed | ack examples

Could it be that my qtcreator is not connected to the right directory or path or some such?

I’m not sure if this what you looking for. I installed following packages:

sudo dnf install qt-creator qt-creator-doc qt5-designer qt6-designer qt5-doc \
     qt-examples qt5-qtbase-examples qt6-qtbase-examples qt6-qtwayland-examples \


May be it would be better if you install from Open Source Development | Open Source License | Qt. It will give a choice of qt version to install. Also it have simple tool to add or remove some packages.

Well, I’ll be darned! That works indeed. I will try to find out what the difference is with what I had, but apparantly the combo is exactly what I needed! Thank you!

P.S. Hopefully I can get the same results for the newer qt6 version. Will see, at least now I have a basis to work from, thank you!

The above link points to a page where one can download qt-unified-linux-x64-4.6.1-online.run.
i installed and executed this program.

  • I didn’t manage to select an Open Source version.

  • The example pane was empty. It was only after executing an upgrade (suddenly I was asked to update Qt6.6.0 to Qt6.6.1 ?) that I was able to select the latest Qt in the example pane. And it was only then that I could see and execute the examples.

The examples looked good and fit my needs well.
But since the evaluation period of Qt has now expired, I can no longer use that installation and have been forced to fall back on the standard Fedora packages.
So the question of how to use the examples in that Fedora installation is still relevant.

I can see a lot of examples to install on fedora … you might have to check this way:

sudo dnf list qt6-\*examples*

Is it this what you are looking for?

qt6-qt3d-examples.x86_64                                                                               6.6.0-1.fc39                                                                                  updates               
qt6-qtbase-examples.x86_64                                                                             6.6.0-6.fc39                                                                                  updates               
qt6-qtcharts-examples.x86_64                                                                           6.6.0-1.fc39                                                                                  updates               
qt6-qtconnectivity-examples.x86_64                                                                     6.6.0-1.fc39                                                                                  updates               
qt6-qtdatavis3d-examples.x86_64                                                                        6.6.0-1.fc39                                                                                  updates               
qt6-qtdeclarative-examples.x86_64                                                                      6.6.0-1.fc39                                                                                  updates               
qt6-qthttpserver-examples.x86_64                                                                       6.6.0-1.fc39                                                                                  updates               
qt6-qtlocation-examples.x86_64                                                                         6.6.0-1.fc39                                                                                  updates               
qt6-qtmultimedia-examples.x86_64                                                                       6.6.0-1.fc39                                                                                  updates               
qt6-qtnetworkauth-examples.x86_64                                                                      6.6.0-1.fc39                                                                                  updates               
qt6-qtpdf-examples.x86_64                                                                              6.6.0-2.fc39                                                                                  updates               
qt6-qtpositioning-examples.x86_64                                                                      6.6.0-1.fc39                                                                                  updates               
qt6-qtquick3d-examples.x86_64                                                                          6.6.0-1.fc39                                                                                  updates               
qt6-qtremoteobjects-examples.x86_64                                                                    6.6.0-1.fc39                                                                                  updates               
qt6-qtscxml-examples.x86_64                                                                            6.6.0-1.fc39                                                                                  updates               
qt6-qtsensors-examples.x86_64                                                                          6.6.0-1.fc39                                                                                  updates               
qt6-qtserialbus-examples.x86_64                                                                        6.6.0-1.fc39                                                                                  updates               
qt6-qtserialport-examples.x86_64                                                                       6.6.0-1.fc39                                                                                  updates               
qt6-qtspeech-examples.x86_64                                                                           6.6.0-1.fc39                                                                                  updates               
qt6-qtsvg-examples.x86_64                                                                              6.6.0-3.fc39                                                                                  updates               
qt6-qttools-examples.x86_64                                                                            6.6.0-1.fc39                                                                                  updates               
qt6-qtvirtualkeyboard-examples.x86_64                                                                  6.6.0-1.fc39                                                                                  updates               
qt6-qtwayland-examples.x86_64                                                                          6.6.0-1.fc39                                                                                  updates               
qt6-qtwebchannel-examples.x86_64                                                                       6.6.0-1.fc39                                                                                  updates               
qt6-qtwebengine-examples.x86_64                                                                        6.6.0-2.fc39                                                                                  updates               
qt6-qtwebsockets-examples.x86_64                                                                       6.6.0-1.fc39                                                                                  updates               

Sorry for the confusion. I installed most of these examples and I see them on my file-system but I don’t see them in the example tab of Qt Creator.