PyTorch Meeting Tomorrow 1/4/24

Hello! We’re having our first meeting of the year tomorrow, Thursday Jan 4th. We’re meeting on google meet.

PyTorch for Fedora
Thursday, January 4 · 9:00 – 9:30am
Time zone: America/New_York
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Video call link:
Or dial: ‪(GT) +502 2458 1186‬ PIN: ‪938 297 358 4693‬#
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Here are the minutes from today’s meeting.


How do we handle things like torchvision and huggingface WRT legal. Especially around downloaded weights. Is there a significant difference between including weights, automatically downloading weights and having to download weights by hand?

This will end up effecting llama-cpp, torchvision, huggingface, stable-diffusion.cpp and potentially others but llama-cpp and stable-diffusion.cpp are the least likely to be affected due to their requirements for downloading weights by hand.

Conclusion: leave questionable bits out of packages for now, tflink to start conversation with legal on what we’re allowed to include in the packages.

Package Reviews

Still waiting on a few reviews, should be blocking the ML SIG review tracker

Getting close to enabling rocm based accelleration in pytorch but that’s still blocked on a few reviews (at least rocfft, hipfft once rocfft is reviewed).