PyTorch Meeting Notes in Discourse (Reply to one thread for notes or one thread per meeting)

I kind of raised the question in an earlier topic but buried in meeting notes, so I’ll ask again in a standalone topic.

Do we want to have a single topic (maybe one per year or quarter) to update with meeting notes as the meetings happen or do we want to have new topics for every meeting?

I’m in favor of teams having a single thread (or “topic”, using the Discourse-specific terminology[1]).

  • people can subscribe to that particular topic, while not necessarily wanting notifications from everything in the SIG.
  • it keeps clutter down in searches

People can make non-meeting note replies and generally that’s okay because they’re clarifications or additions, but if a particular topic needs it, that can be moved to its own thread.

I think this is even more important for meeting announcements — for those, we can make the topic auto-delete replies (because it’s not really useful a year later that a meeting was planned to happen on an upcoming Tuesday or whatever).

  1. because there is threading inside a topic, even though it is presented as a flat view by default ↩︎