[Proposal] Fedora Workstation's State of Gaming - A Case Study of Control (2019)

Article Summary:
Describe how good a platform Fedora Workstation is in 2022 to be able to play AAA titles

Article Description:
This article covers Fedora Workstation from the perspective of someone who is looking towards it as a potential platform for video gaming and compares it against the likes of Windows 10 to get an idea of setup convenience and graphical performance across both platforms. In the wake of the critically acclaimed Steam Deck, this incentivizes the use of the Fedora Workstation - whenever fit for doing so - by providing a scalable comparison of hardware and software configurations.

It also provides a case study of setup convenience and graphical performance on a video game called Control (2019) from Remedy Entertainment. I go through the steps of setting up the environments and share benchmark results across both platforms to get a comparative study of how far the DXVK/VKD3D have developed on the Fedora Workstation platform and what kind of software performance (framerate and frametime) and hardware performance (CPU usage and GPU usage) can people expect.

+1 from me.
This sounds like it will fit in with other gaming related topics that have been published.

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