Problems with sound on Dell Inc. Venue 11 Pro 7140

Good evening. I’ve recently started to use Linux, and i’m trying Fedora on my Dell Inc. Venue 11 Pro 7140.
Everything seems to work fine so far (still need to test de bluetooth), except for audio.
On pavucontrol I can see theres a song being played, but I can’t get it to be listened on speakers.
I’m really new to this, so if we can troubleshoot together it would be glad!
Thank you in advance,
Kind Regards,

Try running this command from terminal for kernels after 5.10:

sudo grubby --update-kernel=ALL --args=“snd_intel_dspcfg.dsp_driver=3”

When I entered that command to add the kernel parameter and rebooted, sound works perfectly, even without the boost tweak.

Apparently Intel changed drivers from kernel 5.10 and required driver is in kernel build but not used.

All explaing here: Changes/SofDefaultForIntelLpe - Fedora Project Wiki