Problem with transfer from USB on linux distros

My laptob is acer 5733 …core i3 with 3 usb2
And speed of transfer from flash is about 200 kb, moving wireless mouse is slow
I tested some types of deferent kernels and don’t fixed that

You can try the following workaround:
sysctl - ArchWiki

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I did (vm.dirty_background_bytes =4194304 vm.dirty bytes=4194304 ) but didnt change on
My problem (mouse speed or transfer from by usb)

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Its work coreectly in win10
But on linux doenst work well
So would U think its(slowly usb transfer) reletive to chipset driver??

USB2 – you can check performance of reads and writes then compare to specs. All is affected by everything else that the machine may be doing at the same time.

USB2 has a maximum data transfer rate of 480 Mbps (megabits per second) (or somewhere close to 600 KBps) so don’t expect more and the rest of your system will likely limit that. 200 KBps seems fairly reasonable because you also have to allow for the flash to read or write as well as HDD data rates as part of the transfer.

In addition you have an intel core i3 which is old and slow by todays standards. Some memory, but you do not say how much, that is the same age or older than the CPU.

The mouse slowdown might be fixable, but does it occure only during data transfer from the flash or is it all the time.?

But i didnt have this problem in win10, speed of data transfer and mouse speed was well ( i copied data from flash to laptob by 20Mb when i used win10)
But now this speed decreased to 200Kb and slow wireless mouse all the ltime