Podman-commit fills /sysroot

I’m trying to build CEF in a Podman container, the Chromium source code uses more than 30GB of storage… I’d like to download this once only and then have another container that would COPY the source from a volume and then build it. The problem is that the COMMIT of the downloaded files somehow fills my Fedora Silverblue /sysroot which is 70GB in total with 20GB currently free.

COMMIT foo/bar:cef-dependencies
ERRO[8232] Can't add file /var/home/phil/.local/share/containers/storage/overlay/c527fea11dc9880e1717c6934a18c6e0d3b5af282fa9fda0458460d21d3b5869/diff/cef-build/chromium/src/.git/objects/pack/pack-095080ca91a6e9283c00ca9e9e791f7c9d65356a.pack to tar: io: read/write on closed pipe 
ERRO[8232] Can't close tar writer: io: read/write on closed pipe 

And yes df reported 0 bytes free on /sysroot until I interrupted the COMMIT, which then restored 20GB on my /sysroot.

Why is podman-commit writing to /sysroot and not to ~/.local/share/containers/ ?

I’ll download that code and build from a toolbox instead.

It seems to me you are using the overlay storage driver but, if you are on Fedora Silverblue I assume you are using btrfs as your filesystem, have you taken a look into setting up podman to use btrfs instead of overlay for storage?

This should help you with that: