Plex MediaServer on Silverblue?

Hello, I am exploring Silverblue, and hoped it might be a good platform for a PlexMediaServer. I currently have PlexMediaServer installed on a system running Fedora workstation, now running F32, and it is working fine, but wanted to try it with Silverblue. PlexMediaServer would not install in a toolbox. Would it be possible to layer it into the OS? Probably not advised but I thought I would ask.

Why not use toolbox?

Install PMS on toolbox, tip $ systemctl start plexmediaserver
and go to Plex web interface (

Because the rpm package downloaded from Plex refuses to install in a toolbox. It complains that the system was not started via systemd. I’ll get a screenshot of the message.

This is weird.

Currently I don’t use Silverblue (I went back to the Workstation version), but for almost two years, I installed and run Plex in the toolbox without any problems.

Is your toolbox up to date? Are RPM Fusion Free and NonFree enabled?

I can’t start systemd services in toolbox either (not sure what your setup is like, @ibrahimfreitas, but the error is common). For these things I’m usually just using a podman container proper, i.e. use podman run and pull a docker image.

The program actually did install, but gave systemd related errors when trying to start itself immediately after installation. Subsequent tries to start plexmediaserver result in the same errors.

I tried to reproduce here. I had the same problem. Unfortunately.
I don’t know what was changed in the toolbox recently, but a few months ago I was able to start PMS like this.

I believe that now what can solve your case is to install the PMS in a container, or in a new rpm-ostree layer.

Some helpful comments here, btw: Running Plex server in a container in Silverblue - #5 by lineber

Thanks for the responses. I have some homework to do!

I used rpm-ostree to install snap, then installed Plex Media Server as a snap package. It’s working so far.