Please make Change Proposal poll messages more descriptive

I wish the subject of the poll was included somewhere in the text,
because it is not possible to understand what the poll is about from
email notification. Just FTR this is how the notifications looks:

[Click to view the poll.](

If you are in favor but have reservations, or are opposed but something could change your mind, please explain in a reply.

... snip ...
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Doesn’t the email subject line should match the change proposal?

The script I’m using to automatically add the polls doesn’t have templating (although that would be a nice enhancement!) so it’s not trivial to make the text distinct for each Change.

Is there some genrri2 wording we could put in the post which would help?

The subject is just:

Re: F41 Change Proposal - Reproducible Package Builds (System-Wide) [Fedora] fesco

The difference between email notification and the discource experience is that in discourse, the poll itself has " How do you feel about the proposal as written?" subject, but this is not contained in the email notification. It just starts right away with the “Click to view the poll.”

Attaching SS for the reference:

Can the order of the post be rearrange, so the introduction is prior the poll? Or can the poll be without subject and the “How do you feel about the proposal as written?” subject extracted to header prior the poll itself?

Ah, yes, that’s an easy change to make. Thanks for the suggestion.

This is now implemented. How does it look?

Now it makes sense and it is understandable from the email what is going on. Thx a bunch :+1:

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