Please create these tags

Wow, I realize I really need to update Navigating Fedora Discussion — Tags, Categories, and Concepts :classic_smiley:

For Project Discussion, all tags should represent specific teams (with the current broad exceptions of engineering and mindshare). And, I don’t want them to be ghost towns — we should only create them for active teams.

For Ask Fedora, anyone with TL3[1] can create tags. We could consider lowering that, but it’s already a little more of a mess than I like. But, also here, tags shouldn’t exist in a vacuum — and in fact tags which aren’t used on any posts are automatically deleted after a short time.

So, rather than abstract, the answer here is to find posts which should have these tags and add them. I happen to know (because we just discussed it) that you’re right on the verge of hitting TL3, so I think in this case the easiest thing is to let you know that you are (soon) empowered to just add them.

However, if you want to go on a wider campaign of tagging dozens or hundreds of posts, we should probably coordinate. There are ways to do that without causing each one to get bumped and notifications sent.

  1. see Trust levels on Fedora Discussion (from newbie to super-hero!) ↩︎

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