Pipewire Audio Video latency

I am using OBS studio to perform some recording of audio + video from a webcam and recording of the desktop. I have set up pipewire for low latency (preempt=full as a boot option).
I set the buffer size like this:

pw-metadata -n settings 0 clock.force-quantum 256

But after the recording, there is a big latency in the webcam video recorded. Like 0.5 second.
Is there any setting I can tune to reduce the video latency on pipewire ?

Which is delayed, the audio or the video?

If audio then it might be adjusted with pipewire. If video then pipewire would need to delay the audio to match.

If you are simply recording the screen then it might be simpler to use simplescreenrecorder. I do that when watching a video on my browser and recording it. I have never noted that audio & video are not synced.

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I record guitar processed in real time by guitarix. So, I can’t delay the audio otherwise, due to the audio latency, I can’t play …
For simplescreenrecorder, I was using this tool successfully but now, I switched to wayland and ssr doesn’t work yet on wayland :slight_smile:
So … I was hoping for a secret pipewire parameter …

Ok, now I understand. Audio from one source and video from another. That is something I cannot assist with.

Sorry. :disappointed:

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Thanks a lot.
I will open a ticket upstream and I will post the information I can gather here.

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A little video with OBS + realtime audio.

I used a delay available in OBS Studio to manually resync the audio and video and it works fine.
Up to now, there is no way to do that with pipewire. But it’s quite easy with OBS :slight_smile:

I used the last version of pipewire jack + the last Fedora kernel (6.4.10) with the “preempt=full” option.

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