Persistent data when running Fedora as Live-Version

Is there persistent data when running Fedora 29 and/or 30 as live-version after shutdown?
As for example it is with Knoppix.

Do I have to fear loss of data when erasing Fedora live installations from/off USB-sticks?


Yes, one can create a live image with persistence. This quick-document contains information on doing so:

Please note that this was migrated from the Fedora wiki and has not been reviewed recently. If you do follow the instructions and can review it to confirm that the information is correct, that would really help other users. The sources for quick-docs are here: Overview - fedora-docs/quick-docs - Every page also has a link in the top right corner to “Edit this page”.


Thanks yr kind reply.

But my question was in an other(contrary) sense/way.

When creating an USB stick using a Fedora live installation image (29 or 30) with NO special preparation/method or tool, just the ordinary way with Fedora media writer, is/will there be persistent data on the stick?

I have some USB sticks with live installations I used to boot a live system. Can I safely delete/reformat these sticks? Or do I have to fear that there will be interesting data lost?

Sorry for circumstances.


No, creating a stick “normally” does not include any persistence. That’s the nature of a “live” image. You can safely format these sticks—there will not be any data on them—they start from scratch each time you boot.

In general, live media should not be used to do any serious work, unless you also have another disk plugged in and remember to save your work there each time.

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