Paving out the way for new contributors

I have an idea about paving out the path for new contributors. Maybe it’s worthy to discuss it, but don’t know who could be our help.

I have seen the Online account part within Gnome - and fallen to my mind that what would be if we could unite several resources within the app or an extension and make an step by step solution that actually a contributor require.

We have the, and we have the online accounts, and I think with a simple checkmark we can add a procedure that makes the registering in FAS, generates the gpg and keys, and all necessary things that end up as contributor.

We can also gather set of tools, settings, and an automated install that creates the necessary environment to be able to work with us.

Currently if someone wants to be part of our community, and wants to aid, you have to go through so many steps, and registering, docs, that can be daunting. Can we simplify? Would be a good idea to integrate a switch to the online account part?

@mattdm Would be helpful to have this as one single chain, a step by step solution?