Outreachy Applicants Unite! Introduce Yourself and Let's Get Started

Hello Outreachy applicants! :wave:

@riecatnor and I are thrilled to be your mentor for this round of Outreachy. We are excited to get to know each and every one of you and see what amazing things we can achieve together with Fedora Badges. :star2::woman_technologist:

This thread is a great opportunity to introduce yourselves to the rest of the group and share a little bit about your background and interests. Don’t be shy! We want to hear all about your passions, hobbies, favourite food and anything else you want to share. :speaking_head::speech_balloon::tada:

I’ll kick things off by introducing myself. My name is Smera, and I’m from New Delhi, India. I got involved with Fedora and Open Source Design three years ago when I was an Outreachy intern in 2020, and @riecatnor was my mentor. I currently work as a Product Designer in Berlin, Germany. I love love love to eat instant noodles :ramen: and I play video games :video_game: with my friends in my free time. I’ve been working with Fedora Badges for a while now. I’m passionate about open-source design and love helping new contributors get involved with the community. :computer::art::heart:

We are here to support you every step of the way, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or need help with anything. Let’s make this Outreachy cycle a fantastic and rewarding experience for everyone involved! :handshake::muscle::mortar_board:


Hi my name is Adedeji ibrahim, born and riased in Nigeria, ibadan. I am 2023 outreachy intern.I am a product designer,artist and also an animator. I love to draw alot at my free times and also read tech related stuff. What made me decided to choose fedora badges in my contribution stage was my passion in animating and illustarting. I am happy to be part of this family and cheers to working with my team members.


Hi! I’m Roland Taylor from the tiny island of Barbados (yes, land of Rihanna), and I’m an Outreachy applicant. I’m a freelance web & graphics designer, and an educator and content creator. I’m also a huge open source advocate.

I’ve been using Linux for… let’s just say… a while now (probably since the mid 2000s, starting with Damn Small Linux (DSL)), and running on Linux full time since about 2007. I got into open source software before this and have been using open source software in my toolset for about as long. Inkscape is my personal friend (just kidding, but I really love Inkscape!), and I use it almost daily.

Outside of my passion for designing, I love teaching and sharing knowledge with others on my YouTube Channel and DEV community blog, creating CSS frameworks (even for fun!), gaming, photography, public speaking (even though I’m the world’s greatest introvert), and spending time in out in nature.

I’m glad for this opportunity to contribute to the Fedora Community, and get to know more about Fedora itself. Best wishes to everyone participating in this process together :pray:


Hi my name is Jennifer Obuseri, i am a Nigerian, i reside in Lagos. I am a 2023 outreachy intern.I am a product designer and an illustrator. I love to draw alot at my free times . I choose fedora badges in my contribution stage because i have fun in making my illustrations. I am happy to be part of the fedora family.


Hi everyone!

I’m Amarachi Roseline, based in Lagos, Nigeria. I’m a product designer with almost 2 years of experience. I have an interest in open source, and I am currently learning and exploring the world of open source. I’m currently trying out new digital design niches such as graphic design and illustration design. When I’m not designing, I’m watching movies, listening to songs, or reading novels. I’m happy to be here and I’m looking forward to contributing and collaborating!


Hi, I’m Olive Oparaocha and I’m an Outreachy applicant. I am a graphics designer and Illustrator.

I love to design, I love the Fedora badge design that’s why I decided to contribute to the community. When I’m not designing I am taking care of my little baby. I’m happy to be here and looking forward to contributing and collaborating.


My name is Lydia Edogiawerie, I am from Nigeria. I am a UX Designer and Data Scientist. I choose Fedora badges because I love making new designs and taking up challenges especially with new tools like Inskcape because I am already conversant with Figma and other web design tools. Contributing to this project for the Outreachy 2023 Internship has been interesting so far and I hope to collaborate with everyone in order to aid a seamless experience with designing.


Hi everyone,

I am Andrew Toroitich, a Statistician and Data Scientist from Kenya. I have a passion for creating new designs and embracing challenges, particularly with new tools like Inkscape. Since I am already skilled in programming, data analysis, and web design, I chose to work on Fedora badges. I find it fascinating to contribute to this project as an Outreachy 2023 Intern, and I am eager to collaborate with others to ensure a smooth design process.


Hi everyone!
I’m Megha Sharma, a final year student from India majoring in computer science engineering. I have been intrigued by design field from quite some time and hence took up UI/UX designing from last year to explore more of it. I have also a bit of experience in open source. Apart from this I am also experienced with IoT, Frontend development and Deep Learning. I chose this project because I have used fedora in past for education purposes. Thus, I thought this is the best time when my passion and knowledge about design align with giving back to the community of Fedora. I’m excited to learn new tools and tech and collaborate with new people on this new venture.


Hi, everyone! Thank you @smeragoel for opening this thread :tada: :tada: I thought I’d introduce myself here as well :hugs:

My name is Marie Nordin, and I’m from New York, USA. I learned about and got involved with Fedora/Open Source through an Outreachy internship in 2013… working on Fedora Badges Design! (and now I feel old lol)

I work in Red Hat’s Open Source Program Office on Code of Conduct Outreach, and I previously worked as Fedora’s Community Action and Impact Coordinator (2019-2022). Although my current and recent $dayjobs have been focused on community building/management, I have an extensive background in graphic design, photography, and fine art.

I draw, paint, and craft in my free time, of course! I also enjoy solving jigsaw puzzles, playing video games (turn based strategy is my fav), hanging out with my animals (3 cats and a dog), and spending time with family and friends.

Outreachy influenced my career, network, and friendships, in such a positive and life changing way. Because of that experience, I choose to pay it forward by mentoring design projects in Fedora :blue_heart: :fedora: I am so happy you are all here to contribute and experience the Fedora community and Open Source. As @smeragoel said, we are here to support you and guide you during the application period- and after! You are all always welcome in Fedora :hugs:


Hello everyone ! :sunflower:

I am Kavya Gupta, I am from New Delhi, India. Currently, I’m pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence, and I’m passionate about building innovative projects.

Ever since I was a child, I loved expressing my creativity through drawing and painting. This artistic side of me has led me to develop an interest in designing, too. Besides this I love to read books and play badminton.

I’m thrilled to join the Fedora community, and I’m excited to start contributing to open-source projects. I’m grateful for this opportunity and can’t wait to see what we can achieve together! :sparkles:


Hi Everyone My name is Ngobiri Falyne an outreachy applicant from Cameroon based in the city of Limbe. I am a Telecoms and Networks Engineer and a graphics designer. I began hearing about open source in my school days and have been curious about contributing to it since then.

I love giving lectures on Topics i am Versed with like Graphics Design and Computer Networking. In my free time i love watching Movies (Nigerian movies) , Reading books on Financial Education and spending time with my Family :family:.
I choose Fedora badges because i am very passionate about Designs and Illustrations(Though just getting started with this). I belief this community will give me the opportunity to learn and explore more so long as open source is involved.
I am very grateful for the opportunity and i look forward to contributing and collaborating with other contributors. Cheers :star_struck::star_struck:


Hello everyone!

I am a frontend developer and graphics designer from Niger State, Nigeria. I am happy to have the opportunity to work on the Fedora Badges project through the Outreachy program.

I also have an interest in product design and enjoy exploring how design can solve real-world problems. I am particularly excited about working with the Fedora Badges project because of the opportunity it presents to work with open source software and contribute to a global community of developers and designers.

In my free time, I love to play video games and listen to music.

I am excited to get to know all of you and work together to create amazing things with Fedora Badges.


Hi everyone !
I’m Avishkar Gunjal a cse undergraduate from India. I’m a full stack developer proficient in MERN stack and I’m currently exploring opensource. I’ve been interested in designing for quite some time and have worked as a designer in my college clubs. There are still tons of things I wish to learn and I’m hoping I’ll be able to do the same while collaborating with you all and adding value to the fedora community

In my free time I like to play fps games and watch anime. Looking forward to a great learning experience through this program, thanks


My name is Oreofe from Nigeria. I am working as a User Interface Designer, implementing new interface of products and sales. with a background in Psychology. I am highly enthusiastic about joining the Fedora Badges team and making my contributions to achieve the goal and success for the team. I enjoy researching on new and pre-existing things to majorly find solution to problems and develop myself both personally and career-wise and i love watching art.

I am believer of teamwork which makes the dream work :slightly_smiling_face: and I have maintained this throughout my work life. I am highly enthusiastic about joining the Fedora community and working with the Fedora Badges team and mentors and making my contributions to achieve the goal and success of the project for the team.


Nice to meet you

Wow nice to meet you and I am so excited to be mentored by you and @riecatnor

Wow nice to meet you @riecatnor, I am already enjoying open source :smiling_face_with_three_hearts

Hello Everyone, My name is Shaily and I am from India. I am currently in my third year of Computer Science Engineering. In my free time I watch web-series and listen to music. I enjoy researching and developing new things , one of them is open source. I’m hopeful that working with you all and advancing the fedora community will enable me to accomplish the same.
I’m grateful of the chance, and eager to contribute and work with other contributors.


Hello, fellow Fedora team members!
I’m Daniel Muiruri and I’m from Nairobi, Kenya. I learnt about open-source contributions back then while still in university from my lecturers and fellow classmates. Open-source contribution excites me because of the freedom one gets to experience while contributing invaluable skills and most of all learning from some of the best open-source contributors.
This being my first open-source contribution, I feel enthusiastic and eager to learn how to contribute to Fedora open-source and especially designing new badges according to the issue tracker. I am a freelance graphic designer with a passion for designing user interfaces and ensuring the best user experience while interacting with various systems.
In addition, I am super-excited about this opportunity from Outreachy because I will get to learn new design software and a different design system as used by Fedora badges. I’d like to be mentored by the best mentors who have previously contributed to Fedora badges and get to understand their inspiration towards their badges design files.
I look forward to working and learning from the best Fedora contributors. Thank you