OBS Screen Capture stopped working

Device: HP Pavilion Laptop 15-eh2xxx
Kernel version: 6.4.15-200.fc38.x86_64
KDE Plasma version: Plasma 5.27.8

I just installed XFCE, and deleted it a few minutes later because I didn’t feel like using it anymore. After deletion, OBS Studio’s screen capture doesn’t work. It doesn’t show the option for screen capture in the sources tab anymore either. It says device not connected or not available.

Could something important have gotten deleted when installing uninstalling XFCE? Or could it be something else?

Any help would be appreciated

Try launch it via the terminal/konsole, it may spit out some useful information.

Try reinstalling OBS Studio and possibly even XFCE.

Occasionally deleting the dependencies of a main package or group can interfere with a DE.

Notably when one is using Workstation (with Gnome) then installs KDE it becomes impossible to completely remove KDE without breaking Gnome. Your situation sounds similar.

It just says “obs-studio is not a command”

Strange… after shutting down my laptop for 1 entire day and turning it back on again, it now shows an option to screen record with pipewire. This didn’t happen after rebooting earlier. So for now, the problem is solved