NUT Server Documentation

Hi, I’m new here. I have had a heck of a time getting Network UPS Tools set up on my machine. The biggest problem I have faced is finding fedora specific documentation. I tried the NUT project site and when you’re just starting out, it was confusing and overwhelming. I found TechnoTim’s ultimate guide on youtube, but he’s using ubuntu/debian distro. I also found a centOS forum that helped me get CGI scripts running. I’m willing to share what I know and how I got NUT fully running on my system. I just wanted to double check with you vetran users of fedora discussion to see if any fedora specific documentation for setting up NUT was already available and where I could find it?

Thank You!

I’m setting up NUT on my Fedora 37 machine. I’ve been going through similar pages to you while not finding anything for Fedora. I would be interested if you could share your experiences to get it running.