Not able to rebase from Silverblue 32 to Rawhide


I’m trying to rebase Silverblue f32 to Rawhide doing this:

$ rpm-ostree rebase fedora:fedora/rawhide/x86_64/silverblue

The output of this command is:

⠴ Receiving objects: 99% (770/771) 1,2 MB/s 118,9 MB 
Receiving objects: 99% (770/771) 1,2 MB/s 118,9 MB... done
Checking out tree 167966d... done
Enabled rpm-md repositories: fedora-cisco-openh264 updates fedora
rpm-md repo 'fedora-cisco-openh264' (cached); generated: 2020-03-17T20:11:20Z
Updating metadata for 'updates'... done
rpm-md repo 'updates'; generated: 2020-06-02T03:23:25Z
rpm-md repo 'fedora' (cached); generated: 2020-05-31T03:24:33Z
Importing rpm-md... done
Resolving dependencies... done
Will download: 130 packages (93,3 MB)
Downloading from 'updates'... done
Importing packages... done
Checking out packages... done
error: Checkout filesystem-3.14-2.fc32.x86_64: opendir(local): Arquivo ou diretório inexistente

The last text is in portuguese, but say something like: This file or folder does not exist.

It seems that Rawhide repository has some Fedora 32 packages.

There is something I can do to solve this problem? Or is it a bug?

Hi brogos and welcome to the forum!

I see the following bug matches your problem: