Noob from Mint

Hello. I’m a Fedora noob, coming from Mint. I just purchased a Lenovo w/ Fedora OOTB, but have been using Mint (cinnamon) for over a decade. I’m entirely self-taught, so while I feel like I’m a step up from a complete noob, I’m not much better.
What advice does everyone have for me, in switching? I see that the package manager is different, and a few other minor differences. Day-to-day; is there something i should be aware of? I don’t do anything beyond everyday user things (browsing, email, file sharing, etc…)

You know that you can also have the Cinnamon desktop in Fedora (should you not want to switch to Gnome)?

Difference: fedora uses flatpaks, Ubuntu-based distros use snaps

Thanks. Yeah, i saw that, and considered installing the cinnamon DE. I’m not inherently opposed to gnome, so i may try a dual DE setup for a bit. I want able to install the DE using the live USB, while testing.
As for flatpack vs snap; I’m coming from mint, so I’m already snap-averse. :slight_smile:

The fedora cinnamon spin can be gotten at Fedora Cinnamon Desktop to give yourself the cinnamon DE OOTB.

It seems that if one installs an additional DE on the Workstation edition it sometimes is not possible to do a clean removal since it integrates into a lot of what gnome also uses.

Interesting. Thank you, so much for the advice.