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Hi everyone, I’m aming to set up a VPN in Fedora 33 and I’m trying to do it with Red Hat Developer account but it’s giving me the following error: Virtualization extensions are unavailable on your system. Check your BIOS settings to enable them. I’m pretty new to Linux and Fedora 33. Can anyone please help me with this? I have no idea what to do ha. Download Linode?

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Hey there - i’m super new so i’m absolutely not following you. I have the thinkpad carbon x1 gen 8 and it came w/ Fedora which i deleted and instlled ubuntu but liked fedora better actually so when I swithced back - that’s the error that i got. I wiped the system out b/c i wasn’t able to really do anything anyways ha most of my work is in the cloud.

Ensure your virtualisation is enabled in your BIOS.

When you boot up, Hit the “Enter” key.

Then press f1 to goto the BIOS setup.

From there goto the “security” tab.

Check your Virtualization settings are enabled properly.



Well, this brought me to a password page where I was wrong every time and said I only had one try left. I do remember someone telling me that you only get one shot at destroying the hardware - which I suspect would’ve happened had I tried that last time… No luck.

EDIT: I had actually selected the option to encrypt all data in one of my earlier bootable disk distribution launches and whereas I thought that absolutely everything is wiped out when you switch distros, I believe I’m seeing now how encrypting everything righ toff the rip can actually really damage one’s hardware if you get that 3rd guess wrong.

@vgaetera thanks your for your willingness to help - it’s very much appreciated. @bennyisaiah absolutely brilliant instructions. Thank you so much. Reading through pages and pages of documentation has been incredibly challenging for me as I have the attention span of a fish and I’m also in front of this computer at least 14 hours a day now - more around 16-18 at this point - and finding myself in the never ending matrix of behavior flows ha. Having a few quick snapshots of what I needed to do was tremendously helpful! Thanks!

If I have other questions, should I be posting each one in a different thread? I’m seeing a lot of referencing earlier posts on here - which is great - so just aiming to solicit the feedback from the collective in an effort to not clutter the categorization(s) of ?'s.


I’m glad you solved your question, and Yes if you come across with another problem I hope not, please open a new TOPIC., we’re here to help…



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