Network manager, vpn wg connection restart required?

Hi, new user. New install trying out Fedora desktop. Updated to ‘fedora 5.16.18-200.fc35.x86_64’ nothing extra installed except wireguard.

I always use vpn for my internet access.
I use nmcli to import a vpn wg conf file, quick and easy and ofc works meaning computers internet access goes out over vpn and all is good.

Restart computer, login and no internet access?, but vpn connection is up… I do a manual ‘nmcli connection down/up vpn’ and internet access works again.

Why do i need to restart my vpn connection to get internet access? What commands can i use to error search why internet connetion is not working even if vpn is up?


Is the nm connection set to connect on boot?

Same here. I guess that is because the system first needs to look up which ip address belongs to the server you have set in your configuration. But it cannot look that up over the usual dns system, because all connections are supposed to go through the vpn. Hence it gets stuck and cannot connect. Maybe you can circumvent this problem by replacing the name of your vpn server by its ip address.