Name display options

Is there a way to get discourse to display my actual name rather than my username? My FAS userid != as the IRC nick everyone knows me by (duffy != mizmo) but I’d rather have my human name “Máirín Duffy” displayed any way.

I suspect this may be a site setting rather than an individual user setting, unless I am completely missing the option (which I’ve done for other things before lol)


I’m gonna have to ask support. On the Meta discourse, the display is like this:

with username there too. There must be an option somewhere but I can’t find it.

There’s an answer there, but it’s what I already did.

Aha! Found it! There’s a setting under “Posting” called display name on posts!

That doesn’t hide the username but makes the full name primary.

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OMG thank you! :slight_smile: Now here is some filler text so I can get past the 20 char minimum lol

Ooh I thought I changed that too but I guess I only did that on Ask. Minimum post length is now 5 for replies (still 20 for first post in a thread).

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Hmmm, it still just does username in quotes. I’m going to file an RFE about that.

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We are either the best or worst customers ever, lol

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