My Fedora36 Restart for No Apparent Reason

Hello guys just as said on the title my fedora system just restart for no reason while I’m studying. I got little panic and think maybe my computer got hack! After my pc finished the reboot I open my terminal and type “who -a” and see this

           system boot  2022-09-28 11:32
           run-level 5  2022-09-28 11:33
miku     + tty1         2022-09-28 11:34 00:02        1583 (:0)
~ > man who

Usually when I type this on my Linux Mint Laptop I don’t get other users it just me. But I kinda wonder why Fedora restart itself for no reason. Any help guys and why there’s a user (or users) that has no name?

There is only one user listed (miku). First two lines are time of last system boot and current run level. See man who for more information about what does -a option mean for who command. You can use journalctl -rb1 command to see system logs before the last shutting down of your computer.

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There is no log about the reboot sir. It only show Yesterday shut down (Which I turn my PC off). It’s all Aug 27 not Aug 28