My favourite mirror went offline

I might be the only Fedora user in Korea. I noticed that updates got slow again. Visited the only mirror in Korea to see this.

fedora: sync begins at 2024-03-31 09:54:01 +0900
+ source=rsync://
+ triggered=regularly
+ frequency=PT10M
+ timepast=P4DT12H32M56S
+ failures=12
+ ffts=fullfiletimelist-fedora
++ rsync --no-motd --dry-run --out-format=%n rsync:// ./data/fullfiletimelist-fedora
@ERROR: max connections (20) reached -- try again later
rsync error: error starting client-server protocol (code 5) at main.c(1863) [Receiver=3.2.7]
+ checkresult=
++ exitcode=5
++ set +x
fedora: sync failure at 2024-03-31 09:54:02 +0900

It’s annoying. Hate it when dnf chooses a painfully slow mirror from the neighbouring countries and I have to rerun the dnf to force it to choose another.

Judging by the hostname its using(, I think predates the current tiering system of mirrors because that master is not listed here.

Just like the last time, it appears to be the problem at the master end, not the mirror end. Obviously, I’ll contact the admin but I wanted to do them a favor by posting this. What’s going on? Is the master running under the pump? Perhaps it’s time for the mirror to change the source from the master to Tier-1 mirrors?

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Welcome to fedora @dxdxdt

Please try dnf5 and see if you got a increase of performance. You have to install it with sudo dnf install dnf5 . Then you can use it as dnf5 parallel to dnf to make tests.

Pleas do not forget we are in the beta stage of Fedora 40. There might be more traffic as normal who slows down the whole thing.

Now for example if I open the page ( and check fedora, a purple circle is spinning what means it makes some Syncing, on fedora and fedora-epl