My config/tweak notes for Fedora 40

I like being able to reproduce my set-up from scratch, and I keep notes that let me copy and paste things into Terminal to do it. High-quality mpv, various gsettings, kernel options, Firefox stuff, tweaks, etc; if it sounds interesting and is actually useful, I note it to repeat later :stuck_out_tongue:

A few other interesting notes I have that I also use on Fedora are:

And my notes are self-hosted on Fedora Server, along with full details on everything!


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Also, this is a great use case for Ansible :slightly_smiling_face: I have some playbooks that I use to help me maintain my base configuration. All my dotfiles, all my configuration changes, the packages I can’t live without. It is all there. It makes doing a fresh install periodically an easy task.

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Deltarpms have been removed from Fedora infrastructure… no need to disable this anymore!

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