Musescore review swap

Due to popular request, I would like to rename the mscore package to musescore, while simultaneously upgrading it to version 4.x (currently 4.1.1). A number of font packages had to be reviewed first. They are finally done. I would like to swap for a review of musescore:

Some of the font packages cannot be built without breaking the mscore package currently in F39 and Rawhide, so it is necessary to use this COPR for the review:

Once the musescore package passes review, I will retire the mscore package and build the remaining (already reviewed) font packages.

Since this package is moderately complex, I am willing to swap for one of comparable complexity or more than one of lower complexity.

You don’t need a review for a rename, just request the repo with --exception and comment the reason the fedora scm bug.

Ok this is reviewed, I didn’t particularly enjoy the license analysis. There are a few thing to fix in that department. And also split the data into a separate noarch package.

Could you mark the previous post as a solution since this is approved.

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