Multimedia: SABnzbd & NZB Monkey

Hey Folks

i hope, you feel good - savety first.
anyone who use SABnzbd & NZB Monkey?
and can tell me, how steps to do, to use them with fedora 32.
Thank you so much !

Greetings from Germany

no one of you, who use these two Programs ( or example other for that Stuff) ?

the sun is shining…
= when anyone can help me, and make the two Programs working
:innocent: :innocent: :innocent:

Hi @dawson. Sorry, don’t know what either of these are :laughing:

Could you add links to what these are so people can maybe investigate?

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Hi @FranciscoD: SABnzbd and NZB Monkey are alternatives for example bittorent or qtorrent Programs

NZB Monkey: NZB-Monkey

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Ah, right. I don’t see them in the repositories. I only got the one result from dnf:

kwooty.x86_64 : A friendly nzb usenet binary download application

They both have instructions on how to run them on Linux, so perhaps best to just follow those.

If you’d like to package them up for Fedora, let us know. We can help you get started as a “package maintainer”:

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i saw instructions on how to run them on linux, (homepage from the Tools - see in Links)
but i dont get them working - so, i create a Thread here, if anyone can help me, with the Steps.

Ah, it’ll probably be better if you noted what you’d done and where it didn’t work. That way someone that doesn’t use the tool can still help you without having to go through the complete process themselves.

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i do not know any Process Steps
because ( example)
i type in Terminal: sudo dnf search sabnzbd
no files
that is the first problem, so, you know, i need help for all steps to get both Tool get working
Thanks a lot for help

No, but that is not one of the steps on their website. It is not available as a Fedora package, so you cannot use dnf to install it. You need to follow their steps and when you get stuck there, post queries to people here can help you.

I mean these:

Number 5:
first command works - but what to do in second command? can you give me examples?

[dawson@dawson-pc ~]$ sudo git clone
Klone nach 'sabnzbd' ...
remote: Enumerating objects: 171, done.
remote: Counting objects: 100% (171/171), done.
remote: Compressing objects: 100% (148/148), done.
remote: Total 57154 (delta 104), reused 70 (delta 23), pack-reused 56983
Empfange Objekte: 100% (57154/57154), 116.27 MiB | 4.77 MiB/s, Fertig.
Löse Unterschiede auf: 100% (39367/39367), Fertig.
[dawson@dawson-pc ~]$ cd /opt/sabnzbd
bash: cd: /opt/sabnzbd: Datei oder Verzeichnis nicht gefunden
[dawson@dawson-pc ~]$

You were supposed to do a cd /opt before cloning the git repo.
Now, it was cloned to your home directory. You should now have something like /home/dawson/sabnzbd. Shouldn’t matter for the further steps (but I don’t know the software, so don’t quote me on that).
Just replace the

 cd /opt/sabnzbd


 cd ~/sabnzbd

By the way: If you do LANG=c command, for example LANG=c cd /opt/sabnzbd the terminal output would be in English. That can be helpful for the users who don’t speak German…

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@florian: i re-install fedora 32.
now, my system is clean, only change some fonts/themes…
and enable RPM Fusion.
are you from germany? can you help me, example first with directly Messages?
when that works, i send the Steps in that Thread ( in English)…
thanks for help, folks

We discourage private communications in the community, we try to “default to open”. Is there a reason you would prefer to use private chats instead of just this topic here?

Why can’t you just use the third party repo, as outlined on You don’t have to install from source.

@evenreven: Hi, thanks for your Post. When you find a good way, to use SABnzbd and NZB Monkey with fedora 32 - then, maybe you can tell me that.
Note: i am new with linux and in first times, i need such bigger helps…

No build offered for current Fedora releases.

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Usually the issue for people migrating from Ms Win to GNU Linux is that they to to run the same programs.

That issue, most always, can be solved by finding the GNU Linux alternative program. There is always another way - it doesn’t have to be the same program.

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That indicates that they do not explicitly support Fedora 32. So, the thing to do here at the moment would be to contact them and ask them to provide builds for Fedora 32.

The only alternative is to compile from source, which is not trivial for all users to do. Unfortunately, I do not have the cycles to create an rpm for this at the moment either.

@florian: when you know, which Program works fine for the same process, please, help me.
and note: i want to use also NZB Monkey.
so, the Process is: click on Files for download ( click on NZB Monkey File)
and then i see in Program like SABnzbd, that the files go there and the download starts…

thanks for helping…
“if” you can explain all better in german, please say, i can translate later or example google translator